Cinzia Pecci

Where thoughts and pictures converge



Photographer, massage therapist, traveler, fond of yoga and aromatheraphy, lover of silent places and old memories: that's how I like to describe myself.
I still have not found my place on this Earth, as a conseguence I like to change habits and places to live from time to time. I love discovering new countries and getting to know more about different cultures, food, people and traditions. 

I graduated in Foreign Languages at the University of Bologna in June 2013.
In March 2014 I left home with my boyfriend, a backpack and a one-way-ticket to Turkey with the final aim to reach Australia. I traveled and worked in the Big Island for a year and then I went off to New Zealand for some adventures with a van. On the way back to Italy I stopped for a month in Sri Lanka, which was a really precious trip.

I have always been fascinated and attracted by photography: I like its capacity of grasping a moment that will never repeat itself identically, being able to show it and  transfer those feelings and stories to someone else . But it was only during my travels where I realized that photography was not just a hobby and that it was growing like a passion.
Once I got back home in January 2016, I decided to learn more about this subject and started a one year photography course at the school Spazio Labo' | Center of Photography in Bologna. In that year I managed to develop two different projects: the former is a personal work, called 'A better place, a better time' where I tried to investigate my unease as a young woman who feels stuck between past and future; the latter is a documentary project made in collaboration with a friend of mine, Giulia Zaccaria, in which we depicted the daily life of a small Sinti community in the city of Forlì, Italy.

Since August 2017, I have been living in Mexico City where I studied photography at the center AAVI – Academy of Visual Arts. Here I managed to win a scholarship with a project  called 'Terremoti Fantasma'.