Cinzia Pecci

Where thoughts and pictures converge


Photography student, traveler, fond of yoga and aromatheraphy, lover of memories and past stories: that's how I like to describe myself.

I graduated in Foreign Languages at the University of Bologna in June 2013.
In March 2014 I left home with my current boyfriend, a backpack and a one-way-ticket to Turkey with the final aim to reach Australia. I traveled and worked in the Big Island for a year and then I went off to New Zealand for some adventures with a van. On the way back to Italy I stopped for a month in Sri Lanka, which was a really precious trip.

I have always been fascinated and attracted by photography: I like its capacity of grasping a moment that will never repeat itself identically, being able to show it to someone else and trying to transfer those feelings and stories. But it was only during my travels where I realized that photography was not just a hobby and that it was growing like a passion.
Once I got back home in January 2016, I decided to learn more about this subject and started a one year photography course at the school
Spazio Labo' | Center of Photography in Bologna. In this school I managed to develop two different projects: the former is a personal work where I tried to investigate my unease as a young woman who feels stuck between past and future; the latter is a project made in collaboration with a friend of mine, Giulia Zaccaria, in which we depicted the daily life of a small Sinti community in the city of Forlì, Italy.

I am a travel lover, I like to change habits and places from time to time despite all the difficulties that may come with every new beginning and changing. I love discovering new places and getting to know more about different cultures and traditions.

Currently I am based in Mexico City studying photography at the center AAVI – Academy of Visual Arts, where I managed to win a scholarship in December 2017 with the project 'Terremoti Fantasma'.