Cinzia Pecci

Where thoughts and pictures converge


In this page you will find the collection of Cinzia's photographs.
They are divided in three categories, Digital Photography, Film Photography and Projects.
The first one is about her travels and the places she visited, it has been her way to communicate with her family, back in Italy, while she was away and to let them see what she was witnessing. It is a collection of memories, places and things she keeps clearly and tightly in her mind.
The second one represents her first approach to analogic photography, most part of the black and white pictures were developed and printed by herself.
The Projects section gathers the two kind of photography and it is about what she has been working on, 
such as "A better place, a better time". In this one she tried to take a closer look at the fears she has been experiencing since a few years. It is a work on the research of her personal identity, to better know herself. The photographs in "A better place, a better time" relate to specific emotions and try to evoke  feelings of calm and serenity.