Cinzia Pecci

Where thoughts and pictures converge

The quest of personal identity and the mystery of the future can cause disorientation in our daily life.
Doubts about what our place in the world is going to be and about which direction we should take, start to appear every day. The answers will come, maybe, with time.
Problems arise if we are not able to wait.

The photographs of this project are a spontaneous collection, taken between a winter and a spring in 2016 and 2017, in different places. All of them are revoking to nostalgia, loneliness, disorientation and wait but, at the same time, they try to confer a light-hearted feeling to the viewer. “A better place a better time”, is an ongoing project of young woman who feels stuck between past and future.
t was born by the necessity of giving voice to unease and pain. It is a work to find and better know myself.