Cinzia Pecci

Where thoughts and pictures converge


Terremoti Fantasma is a small book about my vision and interpretation of the earthquakes happened in Mexico City during September 2017.

A phantom quake is that moment when we feel that the earth is shaking while it is actually still and quite, this happens after we witness a seismic event. Our eyes, hears, legs and feet provide us to stay balanced and to understand which way is up by sending signals to the brain. Living an earthquake temporarly shakes these suppositions and makes us feel unbalanced for days or weeks.

In the accordion, I divided the moment before an earthquake and the moment during or after it. Textures and matters evoke stillness and grounding, while out of focus, blurred and abstract images give the feeling of lost of balance, fall, separation and propagation.
Black and white photographies helped with the abstractions and to substract the referent from its reality, to make the viewers wonder and to leave them with questions about what they are looking at.

The only coloured pictures are the ones that refer to the earthquakes lights, which is a luminous aerial phenomenon, similar to an aurora, that appears in the sky, near areas of tectonic stress, seismic activity or volcanic eruptions. On September the 7th 2017, the lights on Mexico City had shades of green and purple.

The reason why I chose the accordion is because, when left open, its shape reminds the propagacion of the seismic waves. Moreover, it can be read not only as an ordinary book, implying a static reading, but also as a piece that imply a more dynamic presentation by walking around it, making it become a cycle.